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There is no short answer to the question why the wonderful smell you are accustomed to seems to have changed. There are tens of reasons why a perfume smell differently. Here are the top 4 reasons. 

You are confusing the Eau de Parfum, the Eau de Toilette and the Eau de Cologne.

Some designers have different formulas for their Eau de Parfum and their Eau de Toilette. Not only the Eau de Parfum is pure parfum, with concentrated and lasting fragrance, it might have a different scent from the Eau de Toilette. This is not to suggest Eau de Toilette do not smell wonderful or do not last at all. However, the different formulas offer a variety in the smell, which can be a surprise to many. Hermès is one famous example of perfume that have different formula in their EDP and EDT forms. Before choosing a fragrance, ask your fragrance consultant if in doubt.

Your favorite perfume has been reformulated

Check your perfume bottle to see if you notice any change, especially if you have not used it for a certain time. The fragrance industry is very volatile, and innovation is the key to survival. Most perfume get reformulated after a certain time. This also means change in scents. Unfortunately, most people do not like to change what they love. While some people look at the reformulated version as a fake, those who know the difference keep searching desperately de vintage of their beloved classics.

Your body chemistry or your environment have changed

This is no secret to any perfume lover. Our body pH controls the way fragrance smells. A change in your body pH will be reflected on your perfume's scent. It is also known that your diet, your age, and even your health can affect how you smell the same perfume. Additionally, if you travel or find yourself in a different environment, the change in pressure, temperature and humidity will affect the way you smell your favorite fragrance.

You are accustomed to the version of another country or region

Most people start to look for their favorite perfume, when they move from one region to another of the world. What they forget is that the same fragrances are altered for sale in different regions of the world. The perfume you buy in Europe is unlikely to be the same as its North American version. Legal requirements and other market specifics parameters make the alteration of the formula necessary.

This last one is the secret to keep your perfume fresh.

If your perfume smells differently, it might be because it has been exposed to sun light. Perfume must be stored in a dry, dark and cool, but not cold, place. But do not store them in the bathroom.

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